How to use Twitter for your law firm

How to use Twitter for your law firm

The first question to be answered is what exactly is Twitter and how can it help my Law Firm? Twitter is a corporation founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Twitter is a social media site that utilizes Micro-Web Logs commonly called “Micro-Blogs” as a means to communicate information and messages to family, friends, and your Twitter followers. The communications are known as “Tweets” or you can opt for direct messages to a specific follower.

For corporations, small businesses, the idea is to develop a presence on Twitter by building followers. Sending Tweets that are informative and at times entertaining is a formidable way to brand your Law Firm. However, keep in mind that utilizing Twitter and other social media sites will not flood your office with calls and clients. It is a huge tool to have in your tool belt. The Internet is the Yellow Pages for people today. Therefore not having a Twitter account or utilizing social media is a huge mistake, it is like jumping in a boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back and fighting a professional!

So how do you take advantage of this social media phenomenon?

First simply set up a Twitter account by going to and signing up. The steps are simple. You can also garner the help of a social media company to assist you. Make sure your profile is about you, your firm and your focus. Make sure you have your website and Blog listed in your profile.

Once you are set up and running here are some tips to keep you on task and effective;

  • Begin by doing a search for other Law Firms on Twitter.
  • Review what they are “Tweeting” and follow their “Tweets” they in turn will follow yours. You can learn an enormous amount from them.

Additionally, you can go through their followers and follow the folks that are following them. This is an acceptable practice so do not worry, you are not attempting to divert or steal their clients.

Tweet to your followers interesting and pertinent information. Great tweets ask questions and illicit folks to take action. For instance Tweet the location of a recent Blog you have posted and folks will come to read your Blog. Twitter is a great place to engage people.

Point out interesting things in your niche space, not just about your Law Firm. Share links to interesting sites and Blogs. By being a beacon of information for others in your market they will return the favor to you. For instance, if you are a Real Estate attorney, tweet the web addresses of complimentary companies like, engineers, appraisers, realtors, etc…

Blog about new laws, interesting cases in the news, practical legal tips, etc. and then Tweet the link on Twitter. However, make sure you are not overwhelming your followers with links to your site and Blog. Tweet out info that is interesting and informative that they can read in the 140-character limit.

Tweet about upcoming Blog posts you are posting.  Cultivate your audience and solicit their feedback. Ask folks to Re-Tweet your posts, and always say please! Twitter-ers love to Re-Tweet if you ask them to do so.

Tweet about your company’s role in the community and the exciting things your law firm is doing.

  • Be social remember it is social media. You can be funny and entertaining at times.
  • Utilize mobile tweet capacity for your Blackberry or other Smart Phone.
  • Make sure you follow others and comment on their tweets. They will return the favor.
  • Respond to interesting things, but recognize that not every Tweet merits your attention.

Do not use auto follow software because other Twitter-ers will not take you seriously and you should not follow everyone that follows you. When someone follows you Twitter sends you a notice. When you receive that notice take a look at the follower, if they have a high ratio of following to followers do not follow them. In other words it they Follow 3,000 people and only have a few hundred following them do not waste your time, chances are they are just Spammers.

Most importantly on Twitter stay active! If you can, Tweet everyday. It takes a few seconds to send a Tweet. Follow Wells & Drew on Twitter right now!


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