How Much Money is Your Magazine Advertisement Making You?

How Much Money is Your Magazine Advertisement Making You?

John’s company sells IT services to accounting firms. To reach his target market directly, he regularly advertises in accounting trade journals for a premium fee.BLD024810

It’s not cheap. In fact, John is not receiving many inquiries for his hard-earned advertising dollars.

And he’s losing money every month.

He is ready for a new approach. Instead of his ad saying, “Call for IT services or for more information,” he adds augmented reality printing to his logo and sets up the back end.

It now reads, “5 reasons Why You are Wasting Money on Your IT Services. Download linkz app and scan my logo.”

The accountants are obviously intrigued. They are curious to know why and how they could be wasting money. They download the linkz app and scan John’s company logo.

Instantly, they are taken to the five reasons and are staggered at what they read. Under the last reason is an offer to show them how to reduce their monthly costs and improve performance by filling in a short survey.

The survey captures details of the accountants’ organization and how they are using IT in their firm.

Now John has the names and status of the accountants’ IT department and the biggest challenges they are facing. As you can imagine, John is much more successful in setting up appointments with these leads than he was before.

He simply calls the targets and says, “Hi, this is John Moller, CEO of IT Accounting.

I have just received your survey and would like to set up a time to discuss how to reduce your costs and solve the issue you mentioned in the survey about your network.

It is safe to say John now has a successful advertisement in the magazine and is profiting. I have used John as an example because many professionals advertise in magazines unsuccessfully. They lose money month after month.

This is a simple way in which augmented reality printing can be used to generate more leads and turn profit takers into profit makers.

Need some ideas on how augmented reality printing can help your business?Click here.



Blake Houser


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