History, Life, Feeling, and Meaning in Your Paper

History, Life, Feeling, and Meaning in Your Paper

Strathmore is a highly acclaimed name when it comes to the production of quality papers. Founded in 1892, users have regarded the Strathmore name as synonymous to beauty, design, and quality. The inspiration in the production of such fine pieces of paper comes from the lovely flora of the Strathmore Valley of Scotland.

Horace Moses, the founder of the company, adopted the name of the place as well as the most prevalent plant in the valley: the thistle. These powerful icons became the symbols of quality of the papers.

With the aim to create an effective means of communication, Moses aligned himself with leading illustrators in order to provide a fresh perspective on how to blend the functionality and aesthetics of both paper and print. This was the thrust of Moses when the western Massachusetts-based company was still in its infancy.

Due to its growing popularity, Mohawk acquired the brand in 2005, becoming the steward of the famous brand. Strathmore has more than 100 years of paper promotions, all of which are historic and beautifully rare. This collection, known as the Strathmore Archive, became the carrier product of Mohawk.

What made the Strathmore Collection an impressive line of paper products is the graphic design infused in every piece. It reflects 100 years of American history, highlighting how the designs and style have progressed over the years. History is expressed in this beautiful paper collection.

The Strathmore Collection has been so well-preserved that it does not cease to overwhelm enthusiasts and artists from all over the world. Each paper carefully demonstrates a strong sense of artistry, highlighting a century-old graphic design, printing method, type, and paper making.

Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s vice president of business development and creative director, said that the Strathmore Collection memorializes the brilliant collaboration between great graphic designers of the 20th century and renowned paper manufacturers.

Strathmore has embarked on a powerful journey. In the span of a century, it has already engaged with a notable list of designers in the U.S., creating powerful campaigns that demonstrated the power of print. It epitomized how quality paper and excellent graphic design can move mountains and change the world. It clearly defined the importance of paper, a critical element equal to the importance of color, typography, and a well-thought-out illustration.

Some notable designers whose works are rarely seen were included in the collection, including Will Bradley, William Dwiggins, Oz Cooper, Helen Dryden, Pushpin Studios, and and Lester Beall. Their artistry is clearly defined and showcased through the Strathmore Collection.