Governor Welcomes The Offer Of Pharmaceutical Industry To Track Pseudoephedrine Sales

Governor Welcomes The Offer Of Pharmaceutical Industry To Track Pseudoephedrine Sales


The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has accepted the offer of the pharmaceutical industry to pay for the system that will track pseudoephedrine sales.

The new computerized system, Gov. Nixon stated, will help the fight against methamphetamine labs by stopping illegal sales of decongestants at pharmacy counters. One of the said decongestants directly linked to methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine, which is the main ingredient of the drug.

Although there is already a 2008 law requiring pharmacies to report electronic sales of pseudoephedrine products, it never got off the ground because of funding issues.

Fortunately, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, offered to shoulder the costs of the new computerized system. The Consumer Healthcare Products Association is an organization that represents pharmaceutical companies that produce the over-the-counter product.

The Governor accepted the offer, adding it will give the pharmacists the chance to ascertain if the buyer purchased huge amounts of pseudoephedrine at other pharmacies. This will also help law enforcement agencies if such buyer has skirted the legal limits for pseudoephedrine purchase.

Nixon also stated that this system will allow people who have a legitimate need for the medicine to purchase pseudoephedrine. However, it will also block people who are suspected of building an inventory to produce methamphetamine.

The company building the system’s database, Appriss Inc, said that the system will most probably be operational after around 90 days. The system will link the database of Missouri to other states like Kentucky, Illinois and Louisiana.