Gaming Policy Committee to Be Convened by Gov. Sandoval

Gaming Policy Committee to Be Convened by Gov. Sandoval



The governor of the state of Nevada, Gov. Brian Sandoval, has announced today his intention to convene the Gaming Policy Committee to deliberate on issues regarding technology and the modernization of the Nevada gaming industry.

Speaking at the Gaming Law Conference held in Las Vegas and sponsored by the Nevada Bar Association, the governor cited the possibility of Internet poker as among the series of modernizing evens that may revolutionize the direction of gaming, with implications for tax policy and workforce development, as well as infrastructure on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sandoval said, “I hope to help sketch a roadmap for the journey ahead. We must preserve Nevada’s leadership role in gaming – even in this brave new digital world. If we are, as I believe, entering a new era in gaming history, I intend as governor to ensure it is as successful and secure as the last 80 years have been.”

The Gaming Policy Committee is composed of more than ten members with the governor sitting as chairman. The other members include two legislators that have been appointed by the Legislative Commission, Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission representatives, as well as representatives of Native American tribes and five persons who will be appointed by the governor. Sandoval said that he will announce his appointments in the near future. There is no scheduled date yet for the first meeting.

While sub-committees referred to as “review panels” have been convened in the past, the full Gaming Policy Committee has not been able to meet since the mid-1980s.

Gaming has been legal in the state of Nevada since 1931. The governor described numerous eras of gaming regulation since that time, saying that the Gaming Policy Committee is essential at this juncture.


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