Free E-Learning Website for Lawyers Launched by

Free E-Learning Website for Lawyers Launched by


The legal industry has witnessed the price of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) slowly decrease over the past decade. Instead of holding on more firmly to their content and with courses concealed behind fees, a different approach was taken by

With the company’s new social-media friendly website, the leading provider of CLE has now revealed its content in what it calls “The Easiest Way to Search, Learn, and Share CLE.

The website takes pride in hundreds of hours of content which has been divided into miniature clips. Each of the clip answers a common legal query which an attorney, or even the general public, may have about the law. All of the clips can be easily searched in a “YouTube” like manner.

According to the CEO of, David Schnurman, “I am obsessed with organizing information to make it more accessible for others.” He also added, “I believe every course has at least 10 to 15 ‘golden nuggets’ of information that are hard to find. Until ‘Learn’ the only way to see them was to watch the entire program. Now you can go right to the golden nugget and watch that clip and get your question answered.”

The site does not charge any fee and all its content is free for searching, viewing, and sharing.

“I made it free for everyone because it just felt right,” said Schnurman. “Today, the power of education is making it more accessible not locking it behind a pay wall.” was established way back in 1999 and swiftly became a leading provider of Online Continuing Legal Education courses for lawyers all across the nation. Its primary mission has always been focused on its customers, technology, and content.