Fraudsters Target Our Government and Corporations

Fraudsters Target Our Government and Corporations

Fraud Concept - Magnifying Glass.Valuable documents are constantly under attack.

Corporations and governments are at high risk because they possess documents of value. Commonly targeted items are tax documents, financial documents, government bonds, company certificates, banknotes, fiscal stamps, and ballot papers for elections.

Counterfeiters always look for the weakest link. This requires the use of security-printed documents to prevent tampering and alterations and to allow for easy recognition of the genuine product.

Employing security printing techniques will help you protect your documents.

The more techniques that are applied, the harder it will be to counterfeit and the more costly it will be. You want to find a happy medium where the cost is practical yet prevents counterfeiting because it is simply too much trouble to duplicate. You don’t want your document to lose trust, which means it loses its value and credibility.

When purchasing security printing, consider:

  1. Security Papers
  2. Printing Technique
  3. Security Label Stock
  4. Security Inks
  5. Holograms
  6. Numbering and Serialization
  7. Personalization
  8. Quantity

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