Find Legal Help From a Drive Thru Window

Find Legal Help From a Drive Thru Window


It cannot be denied that with the fast-paced society today, drive thru windows have been offering the utmost convenience. In fact, you can find a certain law firm in Connecticut that has been utilizing a drive-thru window to conduct their daily operations.

Kocian Law Group, has recently opened for business at a renovated building, which formerly housed Kenny Rogers Roasters. The firm did not seal up the drive-thru window but instead used it to serve clients better.

As a personal injury and malpractice specialist, Nick Kocian said that they represent a lot of injured people and therefore someone who is in a wheelchair would find the window very convenient. He has been told that the firm is the first in Connecticut and probably in the whole country to offer a drive-thru legal service.

A paralegal would be at the window to hand out documents and answer questions. The firm’s clients, who are actually enjoying the convenience, would simply drive-thru and pick up the documents they need without any hassle.

Any consultation or meeting with the attorneys take place inside the office. Any advice coming from the lawyers such as what to do with their papers and the like, are all given inside, and not through the drive-thru window.

Another revolutionary aspect on the firm’s operations is that they are open at night and during weekends. According to Kocian, “It’s really something that law firms should have done a long time ago.”


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