Election Aftermath Trumps Proposition 19

Election Aftermath Trumps Proposition 19


When the billowing dust of the midterm election finally settled, everyone saw Proposition 19 defeated. The move to “legalize marijuana” was beaten by-a-hair loss after voters decided that its time has not yet come.

After the initial shock, however, supporters of Proposition 19 immediately voiced out their opinion regarding the result of the polls. Steve Fox or the Marijuana Policy Project said, “’The Prop 19 campaign really did not do anything to help people get over their fear of marijuana, the substance.”

Before the election, a Gallup survey showed that 46% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. It was then perceived that Proposition 19 is already on its way to victory and all it really had to do was just to unite the state of California’s pro-drug movements, as well as the progressive interests behind it, prevent an ideological dissension among its supporters, demolish the false images that its opponents continuously paint, and present itself to the populace as reasonable.

Despite the seemingly overwhelming support, Proposition 19 did not achieve what its supporters hoped it will achieve. Obviously, questions on what went wrong surfaced at once. Although there have been some attempt to answer this question, the reason seems to be pointed in the direction of the Proposition 19 supporters themselves.

The fact that Proposition 19 managed to divide pro-drug advocates, is already an indication of its impending doom. Aside from this, certain provisions of Proposition 19 discouraged many of its libertarian supporters, which may have further exacerbated its situation.



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