Don’t Count Out Direct Mail

Don’t Count Out Direct Mail

Despite advances in email marketing, we strongly believe direct mail is still a great client development tool.  

When done right, direct mail marketing is an effective way to control your client development process.  It enables you to measure response rates with considerable accuracy and determine how many new client inquiries you’re likely to acquire.  Say you send out 10,000 pieces of direct mail—a brochure, a letter, a special offer announcement—and you get a response rate of two percent (or 200 replies).  Out of this, you close $15,000 worth of new business.  Using this as a baseline measurement, you can project that for a mailing of 30,000 pieces, you’ll likely get the same two percent response rate and close $30,000 worth of new business.

Direct Mail works for Client-Retention

Direct mail is also useful as a client-retention tool.  A direct mail piece that appears on fine stationery, inside an “important-looking” 8X10 envelope, will get your client’s attention.  Unlike the vast array of junk mail we all receive, a well-designed and well-produced direct mail piece cuts through the clutter and adds something to your existing relationship with the client.

And remember – a direct mail piece, such as a newsletter, has up to three times the “hang time” in your client’s office as any single piece of electronic communication.

Expense and Legality

With email marketing, you have to factor in a significant additional expense.   Purchasing a list of professional email addresses can cost up to $1 per address.

And, if you send an email message to 10,000 contacts that aren’t “white-listed” (a list of contacts the user deems acceptable to receive emails from), you’re breaking the law.

With direct mail, on the other hand, you can purchase a verified business list of 20,000 addresses and mail them as much as you like.

When used the right way, direct mail and email can each play a critical role in your marketing efforts.  Wells & Drew has the expertise to guide you through the process for each of these tools.  Get a free quote today on our direct mail and other services.  We’re dedicated to providing you with resources that best fit your marketing budget.


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