Covert hologram features

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Covert hologram features

Covert features in a hologram are almost necessary.

I say almost, because whether you use them depends on your product and industry and what you are using such features for.

Obviously, if you are using them purely for aesthetic reasons, then covert security features are not necessary.

However, if you are looking for a security feature to protect your product or document, a covert feature on your hologram would be very useful.

The covert hologram adds additional lines of defense to your product, acts as a deterrent, and makes authenticating easier.


• Hidden images – The hologram contains a hidden image that can only be detected with a laser.

• Micro text – This is very small type in the hologram, between .008” and .010” in height.

• Nano text – Smaller than micro text, nano text is usually between .001” and .004” high, but can be made as small as .00035” or 9 microns.

Take a look at this image of the €50 note. There are several security features in this hologram.

Do you know which ones they are?


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