Cloud Security Alliance Welcomes Pamela Jones Habour as Co-Chair of Legal Working Group

Cloud Security Alliance Welcomes Pamela Jones Habour as Co-Chair of Legal Working Group



The Cloud Security Alliance, or CSA, has announced that Pamela Jones Harbour, a former Federal Trade Commissioner, has joined the organization as the co-chair of the CSA Legal Working Group.

A partner in Fullbright & Jaworski LLP’s antitrust and competition practice, Pamela heads the Privacy, Competition and Data Protection practice group of the firm. She is internationally recognized for her leadership in the budding field of privacy and data security. Pamela was the 2010 recipient of the “Champion of Freedom Award” given by the Electronic Privacy Information Center for her defense of consumer privacy as FTC Commissioner.

She said that the law is generally being outpaced by technology. “As companies and governments move, or plan to migrate, to the cloud, surveys show that the primary concern is maintaining the security of organizations’ applications and data. I am hopeful the CSA Legal Working Group will assist in creating international best practices that would address wide-ranging issues, such as jurisdiction, contract provisions, e-discovery practices, disaster recovery, record retention, data portability, and auditing to meet the national and international requirements businesses face today,” said Pamela.

For the part of Dave Cullinane, the CSA board Chairman, he said, “Organizations and individuals are grappling with the emerging legal issues that cloud computing has created, especially in the area of security and data ownership. We are excited to have someone of Pamela’s stature and experience helping us shape and guide best practices in this new domain.”

Prior to her stint at the Federal Trade Commission, Pamela was an antitrust partner at a firm in New York. Before that, she spent a decade working at the Office of the Attorney General in New York, where she investigated and prosecuted various consumer protection and antitrust violations.