Car Owner Deprive Lawyers of Legal Fight

Car Owner Deprive Lawyers of Legal Fight


Heather Peters, a resident of Los Angeles, is one angry consumer who knows that the chances of winning a legal battle with Honda Motor Co., and its team of high-priced lawyers, are very slim.

Peters is irked that her 2006 Honda Civic hybrid is not saving fuel as it had initially claimed. And she does not agree to a proposed class-action lawsuit settlement that would award trial lawyers around $8.5 million while Civic owners like her would only get about $100 and rebate coupons for a new vehicle purchase.

However, she believes that she had found a venue where she can obtain justice and were the car manufacturer cannot spend a dollar on legal assistance.

On January 3, she will take her case to the Small Claims Court in Torrance, where California law bars Honda from bringing an attorney. Peters is asking for a maximum of $10,000 as compensation to her for spending so much more on fuel than expected. The car manufacturer had claimed that the Civic would average around 50 miles per gallon, but due to technical problems, the total consumption of her car is only around 30 miles per gallon.

She is also urging owners of Honda Civic all across America to do the same thing. The website of Peters, as well as her other social media accounts, contain a link to state-by-state instructions on how to file these types of lawsuits, which have lower fees and involves only a small amount of paperwork.

Peters said, “I want them to know they can file in Small Claims Court and that it is not so scary.”