Brief-Lynx™ Technology Modified by eTrial Communications to Streamline Documentation

Brief-Lynx™ Technology Modified by eTrial Communications to Streamline Documentation



While a particular legal standpoint may appear to be straightforward, the evidence required to support it can be so intricate that lawyers and expert witnesses have to go through several boxes of binders and documents just to retrieve it. With the Brief-Lynx™ technology made available by eTrial Communications Inc, supporting testimony, exhibits, analyses, legal authority, and much more can be accessed by attorneys and their clients with just one click of a mouse.

Brief-Lynx technology has been used by attorneys to generate hyperlinked e-briefs, as well as presentations linked to exhibits, video and graphics. The technology also makes it possible for graphics to be embedded directly to the links going to supporting documentation.

According to David Vanderport, the president of eTrial, their Brief-Lynx™ technology allows an attorney to immediately respond in case someone disputes their graphics or expert testimony in court. He also pointed out that their technology is not just applicable to the courtroom. “Recent partnerships with technology firms, combined with the creative talents of our team, have allowed us to stretch the boundaries of what has typically been offered by trial service firms,” said Vanderport.

For instance, eTrial can now generate presentations for vital documents, interactive timelines, closing binders, case outlines and maps, training manuals and so much more. Attorneys can link their oral argument outlines with proposed graphics and evidence support to enable their clients to review and approve them before the trial.

Some lawyers send their clients case reports that are already hyperlinked to the vital evidence. Vanderport said, “Once clients experience the savings in time and money, they keep expanding the way they use Brief-Lynx in their daily practice. We have clients who are requesting hyperlinks in opening statements, closing arguments, expert reports, transcripts and various other internal and external presentations.”


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