Blogging Help Law Firms Share Expertise

Blogging Help Law Firms Share Expertise



One of the biggest law firms in Portland, Verrill Dana, recently launched its latest blog, Banking Law Update, with plans to follow it through with a maritime blog and another blog for human resources professionals.

These legal blogs are part of the strategy of the firm to use social media to hook up with existing and potential clients, as well as to enhance the reputation of the firm. In 2010, Verill Dana rolled out its first blog which focused on energy law. Soon after, it was followed by their employee benefits blog.

The marketing director of the firm, Gretchen Johnson, said the blogs are a way to expand the reach of Verrill Dana. She said, “We were producing a lot of content, a lot of valuable information, which we were sending out to clients — like client alerts and presentation materials — but we found we were only reaching people who already knew us. We wanted to broaden…our audience and our access.”

According to Johnson, the Banking Law Update blog targets managers and executives in the financial industry, while the other blogs are written for people who are working in the marine industry, or human resources and energy fields.

These blogs of Verrill Dana all have their own QR codes and the firm has printed out small cards containing the blog’s codes to hand out at meetings. The codes can then be scanned with a smart phone in order for people to be easily directed to the blogs.

Verill Dana associate Misti Munster, who edits the blog on employee benefits with Verrill Dana partner, Eric Altholz, says that the blogs help position her, as well as her colleagues, as “thought leaders” in their fields.


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