8 Mistakes to Avoid when Branding Your Law Firm

8 Mistakes to Avoid when Branding Your Law Firm

There are basic principles that do not change in the process of building a successful business.  Building a prominent Law Firm is no different than creating any successful business!

Quite a few years ago, Robert Kiyosaki Best Selling Author of, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, was being interviewed by a journalist.  The interviewer asked Robert if he had any recommendations for her writing career, so that she too could become a Best Selling author.  He said, certainly the first thing I suggest for you to do is enroll in a sales training seminar to build your sales skills.  This would-be author became indignant and questioned Robert as to why he would recommend such a preposterous and belittling suggestion!  Robert quickly pointed out that she should think about what she was asking him, to become a Best Selling author you must sell books!  The New York Times does not honor best writing authors.

It is the same in your pursuit to create a lucrative and prominent Law Firm!   Clients, clients,clients.   No clients no Law Firm!    There are several strategies for building your business all of which carries significant weight. Branding your Firm ranks right up there in importance. Your best effort can only be as strong as your Brand!   Your Branding is the first thing the world sees when they get their first look at your firm.  It should be perfect.  Having a great Branding strategy begins with your company Logo.

So without further ado here is our 8  Mistakes to Avoid when Branding your  Law Firm!

  1. Our research of the top 100 law firms in the country reveals that none of the Top-100 Firms utilize more than three names in their name or Logo.  It sounds great to the partners especially the newest partner to list all the partners names, locally this may fly names like: Sitter, Foster, Woods, Adams, Gullen & Myers but not for a professional recognizable Firm.  Think about how much of a marketing blunder this is.  Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world.  Imagine if Sam Walton went with, “Walton, Scharlott, Harrison, Butler, Butler, Holmes and Dodson” all of them involved in the Wal-Mart history by the way.  Surely sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Law personal satisfaction aside and brand a prestigious law firm!  Short, sweet and memorable!
  2. Your Logo design needs to be alligned with your target market. In other words the type of firm you are building should have a Logo design that is easily identifiable and attracts your target market.  Too often small firms choose logos that are cute or identify with the name of the partners rather than the market they are attempting to attract.  As much as a Family Crest of your surname seems to be an elegant touch it does nothing to attract business.  Remember no customers no firm!
  3. Logo design, having your Logo designed by a layperson on the cheap is a sure fire way to failure in your marketing approach.  professionally designed Logo by a company that specializes in Law Firm marketing is essential. The small amount on money you save is not worth the thousands of dollars you will lose for branding an inferior Logo.
  4. Choosing a Clip-Art design or a Stylized Type as a logo. People recognize Clip Art and your firm will be identified as amateur.  Utilizing Stylized type may look great to you and your administrative assistant but it will not be identifiable or memorable as your Firm!
  5. Too many different fonts or style types. Too often firms that design their own Logos create an unreadable Logo due to the misuse and cross use of fonts, sizes and styles.
  6. Too long or inappropriate text. Get the message across short, succinct, and professional!  Nothing cute or offensive.
  7. Designed for one media only! This is a common and huge mistake by the amateur logo designer.  Today’s marketing media requires a professional Logo that will work on your website, email, business cards, color marketing piece, yellow pages and other forms of media marketing.
  8. Too complex and too many colors. Sure deep and complex is perfect for a brainteaser and to get folks to talk.  But it does nothing for your reputation and attracting your target market!

Creating a professional Law Firm should not be left to chance, luck or the amateur.  Do not fall into the marketing amateur traps.  Tony Robbins a marketing genius in his own right says if you want to be highly successful do what successful people do and you will achieve the same outstanding results.  Success leaves clues. Follow the clues.

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