Bernstein – Still in the Lead in the Race for State Attorney

Bernstein – Still in the Lead in the Race for State Attorney


As the absentee ballots are being counted, Gregg Bernstein is still in the lead in the race for the City State Attorney for Baltimore, against the incumbent Patricia Jessamy.

In Thursday, 1,531 absentee ballots were counted, which actually increased the lead of Bernstein. His lead was 1,295 votes before the absentee ballots were counted.

Despite the lead, Bernstein has not yet claimed victory, and Jessamy likewise have not yet conceded. She is questioning if every vote was counted and included in the tally.

The legal team of Jessamy is focusing their attention on having the state elections administrator provide their camp with a detailed information on the outcome of the elections. They want information on each voting machine, as well as the processes involved in coming up with the votes.

Jessamy’s spokeswoman, Margaret Burns said that Ms. Jessamy is considering everything in a methodical manner before making her statement on the issue.

Meanwhile, according to Warren Brown, who is a popular defense attorney, a number of prosecutors are looking forward to a new kind of leadership. He further said that Jessamy’s not conceding is a manifestation of her ego.

Baltimore’s Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings Blake said that she is looking forward to working with the one who will be winning the race. She endorsed neither Jessamy nor Bernstein.

For the past 15 years in office, Jessamy has never been in a tighter fight in the race for City State Attorney.


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