Augmented Reality printing: Knowing Your Customers (part 2)

Augmented Reality printing: Knowing Your Customers (part 2)

No Expensive Focus Groups or Blind Case Studies

Let’s continue with my imaginary example of Chipotle the nation wide food chain using augmented reality (AR printing) on their cups. Imagine customers scan the logo on the cup and instantly their data is captured.

They are directed to a landing page stating the following: Answer these two questions for a chance to win your favorite Chipotle meal.

  • What is your favorite meal from the restaurant?
  • What do you love best about Chipotle?

The Chipotle marketing team now receives instant and direct feedback from their customers. No expensive blind case studies or focus groups needed.

And the cost is practically nothing.

The feedback received from customers are critical components you can use to create  better marketing campaigns. Chipotle with over 1600 locations could have customers scanning cups everyday.

Creating a completely new channel to directly communicate, build loyalty and top of mind awareness with their customer base.

The examples I used are one of hundreds of ways AR printing can be used. I am not affiliated with Chipotle and they are not using this technology. Although I do love their food! I was only using them as an example.

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