Anti-Tethering Law to be considered by Commissioners in Hillsborough

Anti-Tethering Law to be considered by Commissioners in Hillsborough



Residents of Hillsborough County who frequently leave their dogs tied outside their homes will be breaking law if a pending anti-tethering measure is approved by the county commissioners.

The Animal Advisory Committee of Hillsborough County this week voted to send to county commissioners an anti-tethering amendment. The proposed measure, which is an amendment to Hillsborough’s animal ordinance, will perhaps be on the August 17 agenda of the commission.

According to Barbara LaPresti, a Hillsborough resident who initiated the petition drive for the ban, the vote of the advisory committee is the culmination of a 13-months struggle of animal advocates to get the legislation on anti-tethering written in order for the commissioners to approve it. She said that during the period when the committee was still wrestling with the amendment, eight other counties in Florida were able to approve their own bans on tethering.

“I’m not a member of any animal rights group. I was just a concerned individual that wanted to see a puppy off a chain,” said LaPresti.

Animal lovers like LaPresti usually mention a litany of reasons why it is wrong to tie-up the dog. Some of these reasons include, dogs are exposed to unbearable weather conditions outside, the movements of the dogs are restricted by their tether which makes them aggravated and aggressive, the tethers can choke the dogs, and they are unable to protect themselves in case they are attacked.

For the part of Connie Johnson, she said, “I would say what I don’t like (about tethering) is that you are restricting a dog from living a normal life.” She is a member of the advisory committee and a dog owner.