Amazon Data in RIAA Case Being Sought by LimeWire

Amazon Data in RIAA Case Being Sought by LimeWire


The sales data from third-party music download services is reportedly being sought by LimeWire. This is in an apparent attempt by the beleaguered company to determine how much it will owe in copyright infringement fines.

In October of last year, LimeWire, a file-sharing service company, was ordered to switch off their file-sharing functionality. The order was the result of a guilty verdict that was handed down to LimeWire in May of last year.

LimeWire’s legal woes stemmed from a complaint that 93% of the service company’s traffic is made up of unlicensed content. The courts found the company guilty of facilitating, what was called a mass copyright infringement.

US courts will still have to determine later this month the amount in fines that LimeWire owes to the recorded music industry.

For its part, the service has gone on the offensive and is daring third-party legal services “to open up about their dealings with the record industry.”

Among the documents that LimeWire wanted subpoenaed are “contracts, royalty payments, accounting books and even internal company communications where executives at leading digital outfits discuss their relationship with the record business.”

Among the services approached by LimeWire and requested to hand over these particular set of information is the online giant Amazon. However, Amazon has so far refused to comply with the request of LimeWire.

Some news reports have quoted LimeWire as saying that, “it needs these documents because it shouldn’t have to rely exclusively on the record industry’s versions of documents in preparing its defense to a $1 billion damages claim.”

Last year, LimeWire had been planning to set up a non-P2P legal offering but the plan was scrapped at the end of 2010.


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