Am Law 200 Law Firms Added to the Growing List of Clients of Biscom

Am Law 200 Law Firms Added to the Growing List of Clients of Biscom


The leading provider of secure and managed file transfer, Biscom, has announced that more Am Law 200 law firms are signing up with their service.

The company revealed that the law firms of McKenna Long & Aldridge, Riemer Braunstein, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Arnstein & Lehr, Duane Morris, Outten & Golden, and Zuckerman Spaeder, have joined the list of their growing clients.

The services that Biscom provides include protecting the exchange of confidential documents, improving client collaboration, as well as business partners and third party counsel.

This developed as an increasing number of state and federal regulatory mandates seeking to protect confidential client information, as well as personally identifiable data, are putting the pressure on corporate legal departments and law firms for compliance. In addition, the cost and risk of data breaches using conventional file transfer methods are just too great to be ignored.

Bob Lamy, the CIO of McKenna, Long & Aldridge, said,” We have replaced FTP with Biscom for file transfer to external parties and as a result, our legal teams can now more efficiently manage large file transfers with minimal IT support, while having the confidence that their files are being transferred with more control and security.” He also said, “We have experienced a 50 percent reduction in IT time spent supporting large file transfer and improved attorney productivity.”

The Biscom Delivery Server has both an on-premise and cloud offering to meet companies’ diverse deployment requirements.

For his part, Sean Scott, the CIO of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, stated, “We used to burn multi-gigabyte deposition videos to DVD and send via overnight delivery. With Biscom, these large files are now securely and quickly transferred. We also receive immediate verification of receipt. As a result, we have eliminated potential data breaches, achieved considerable savings in time, and significantly reduced delivery costs.”