Abortion Corruption Exposed by ‘Shreddergate’

Abortion Corruption Exposed by ‘Shreddergate’



Former Attorney General Phil Kline revealed Friday that he expects the actions of a Kansas legal and political system, which he described as corrupt, would lead to the dismissal of all remaining complaints against a Planned Parenthood clinic that has been accused of violating the laws on abortion.

Kline, an anti-abortion advocate who started the investigation resulting in the filing of 107 charges against Planned Parenthood in Johnson County, in an interview with the media said that “Shreddergate” should reveal the depth of corruption to protect the Kansas abortion industry.

He held liable the administration of Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who is now the secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for frustrating his legitimate criminal investigations of abortion law violations, which involved the Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, as well as the late Wichita abortion doctor, George Tiller. As governor, Sebelius supported a pro-choice position and received political aid from Planned Parenthood supporters and Tiller.

Kline also said that the appointees of Sebelius participated in an unethical, and possibly even illegal, shredding of vital documents at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in 2005 and in the office of Attorney General Steve Six in 2009. These behind-the-scenes operations resulted in the dropping of 49 counts Wednesday against Planned Parenthood.

Kline, who is a Republican, said that pro-choice interests in the judicial system of the state, including the Kansas Supreme Court, in the long run would succeed in throwing out the pending 58 misdemeanor counts against Planned Parenthood.

Executives and attorneys at Planned Parenthood, meanwhile, said they welcome it if all charges against them were dropped, but argues that the action should be taken because of the lack of evidence of criminal behavior.



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