A Legal Resource for the Retail Industry Launched by Crowell and Moring

A Legal Resource for the Retail Industry Launched by Crowell and Moring


An international law firm, Crowell and Moring LLP, with nearly 500 lawyers under its wing, has launched a legal blog for retailers named the Retail Law Observer, which covers legal matters and important trends that the retail industry faces.

Attorneys from Crowell and Moring’s cross-disciplinary Retail Law practice will write on key aspects of law that impacts the bottom line. This ranges from price fixing to restructuring of lease. This timely move comes in the face of continuing economic pressures that are squeezing retailers worldwide.

A San Francisco Crowell and Moring partner, Gregory D. Call, who currently is the lead of the firm’s Retail Law practice, remarked, “Retailers are under tremendous economic pressure now, which makes identifying legal risks and opportunities all the more critical to running a successful enterprise. Our goal for the Retail Law Observer is to highlight those legal issues most pressing to the retail industry.”

The Retail Law Observer blog will include issues and trends that affect the industry, such as, provisions on retail lease and minimum rent cost-saving measures, percentage rent, taxes on real estate, marketing fund, utilities, insurance, co-tenancy and trash. Restructuring of lease, as well as space right-sizing, antitrust overcharges recovering opportunities for retailers, and employee claims, which includes class action lawsuits that aims to challenge employee classifications, as well as meal and rest breaks.

The blog will also touch on issues regarding bankruptcy disputes, which continue to rise amidst a struggling economy, and the upcoming alterations to the naming system on the Internet, which can expand dramatically the domain names allowed for use by retailers.