A Change Is Brewing In The Beer Market Of Oklahoma

A Change Is Brewing In The Beer Market Of Oklahoma



The official beverage of the state of Oklahoma is milk, but you can have that anywhere. The drink that is exceptionally popular in the state is 3.2 beer.

In 2010, Oklahomans consumed 76.5 million gallons of beer, or 28.8 gallons for every person with legal drinking age. Over 89% of that brew was the low-point variety, which is available in a number of grocery and convenience stores.

Low-point beer is available and sold in six states and it is only popular in one state, and that is Oklahoma.

According to the Beer Institute, the state accounts for about 55% of the country’s consumption of 3.2 brew. The Beer Institute is a national trade group and the lobbying arm of the brewing industry. However, change may already be brewing in the beer market of Oklahoma.

Strong beer is gaining popularity in the state. The Beer Institute revealed that last year, sales of strong-beer were up 32% in Oklahoma, while sales of low-point beer declined 4%.

Although low-point beer, which accounts for 89.7% of beer sales in the state, remains dominant in the Oklahoma market, two proposals that are fermenting in the state Legislature could potentially cause the strong-beer sales to foam.

A task force is already considering if strong beer should be made available in grocery and convenience stores. Such plan may or may not come with a provision allowing liquor stores to sell refrigerated strong beer.

Either move would most likely undercut the low-point beer market. The pending legislative proposals have put a new focus on the unofficial beverage of choice in Oklahoma.



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