15 Must Follow Law Related Twitter Feeds

15 Must Follow Law Related Twitter Feeds

Whether you are a law student, a practicing lawyer, or even a paralegal then these are some great Twitter feeds that you should be following. They offer an abundance of great information and resources and can help you keep track of current trends in law, changing laws, new laws, and much more. Keeping up with changing times as well as changing laws and new laws is extremely important for anyone working in the legal system and with modern day technology this has become much easier than it was 20 years ago. Social media in general can be a great help for anyone, no matter what field of work you are in there are many great ways to find information on the web. Twitter has quickly become one of the best ways to keep up with new information and twitter is loaded with all kinds of informative law resources that can be a big help for anyone working in the crazy and fast paced world of law.

1.     Stanford Law – This is the official Stanford Law School Twitter feed and it is loaded with great law information that can be helpful for students and practicing lawyers as well.

2.     Nicole Black – Nicole is a lawyer, blogger, author, and much more and she tweets about all different types of things, especially legal related matters.

3.     Probate Blogger – Andrew Mayoras is a Probate Litigation Attorney and also the co author of a book titled “Trial and Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights”. He tweets about various legal cases, including many high profile cases from the past as well as current cases. He also tweets plenty of other good legal info and is definitely worth following.

4.     Lisa Solomon – Lisa is a lawyer that focuses on legal research and writing and tweets about all kinds of legal matters. Her feed is a very valuable source of information for anyone involved in the laws field and also has some great info that can be extremely valuable info for law students.

5.     Harvard Law School – This is the official Twitter feed of Harvard Law School and it is loaded with all kinds of excellent law related updates. No matter what kind of law you study or practice you are bound the find some great info and resources by following them.

6.     Public Laws – An excellent and extremely informative Twitter feed that updates the feed constantly with US Public laws as they are entered into the Federal register.

7.     US Supreme Court – This is the official feed of the US Supreme Court and it is an open Government project. It is constantly updated with Supreme Court rulings and it has plenty of useful info for all legal minds.

8.     Lawrence Lessig – Lawrence is a Law Professor at Harvard and also a top notch legal blogger. Follow him and you will find useful info regarding technology and law and plenty more great law information.

9.     Mark R. Matthews – Mark tweets about all kinds of things related to law, Government and politics. The stuff he tweets about can provide great reading for lawyers, law students, and others that have an interest in law for one reason or another.

10.  Laura Lee Sparks – Laura is the founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Maven and she offers great advice for law firms, independent lawyers, and law students that are looking to get better at marketing for themselves of for their law firm.

11.  ABA Journal – This Twitter feed is constantly updated with law related news and info from one of the top legal affairs website and magazine.

12.  Legal Times – Legal Affairs is the Twitter account of the highly read lobbying and law publication. The tweets are full of things lawyers and students will be interested in.

13.  Yale Law Library – The Yale Law Library Twitter feed is loaded full of all kinds of excellent legal resources, they tweet about cases from the past as well as current legal info and cases.

14.  Legal Research Plus – Here is a great twitter feed run by the Advanced Legal Research team at Stanford University. It can be a very valuable feed to follow for students, lawyers, paralegals and anyone else that has an interest in law and legal research.

15.  Legal Intelligencer – The Legal Intelligencer is the nations oldest daily legal newspaper and they offer another great twitter feed that all law enthusiasts should be following. You can find a lot of great law related information and you will most definitely be kept up to date with current legal trends, laws and much more.