1,029 Patents from IBM Purchased by Google

1,029 Patents from IBM Purchased by Google



Google is fortifying its patent-related defenses, which can also potentially beef up its offensive legal ammunition, as it obtains from IBM over one thousand technology patents in a supposedly secret deal that pushed through last month.

The online giant is known to be a fairly young technology company, which is why it does not have a extensive patent portfolio such as Microsoft, Apple, and many other contenders in the tablet and smartphone market.

Google admits that its main strong point is online search, but it has also expressed interest in a market that they did not consider entering way back when they were still in the process of reinforcing their company assets.

However, it appears that lawsuits are flying in all corners of the tech sector. And whether the online giant is being attacked directly or indirectly via the Android handset makers, Google is bound to lose out if it is found that their products have used incorrectly technologies that are owned by other companies. This is the primary reason why they attempted, but failed, to buy Nortel Networks’ tech patent portfolio.

Nevertheless, its latest bid with one of the largest companies in the tech industry appears to have met considerable success with the purchase of more than one thousand patents owned by IBM.

The patents bought by Google from IBM include technologies that concerns interface and hardware. They also involve message processing systems, structured data, hotlinking technologies, database management, and the like. With a considerable portion of technology patents, the online giant would have a better defense against those companies that are claiming their technologies are being utilized without their knowledge or permission.



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