Posts made in April, 2015

“7 Common Business Card Sins” by Wells & Drew

“7 Common Business Card Sins” by Wells & Drew Blake Houser #1. You have too much going on. In an effort to say everything on your card, the card is overloaded with information, making it appear messy and hard to
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3 “Hidden Costs” of Business Correspondence

It was Will Rogers who said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And the first impression your customers and colleagues get when they receive a letter from you is made to a large degree by
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Simple yet effective hologram on tickets for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Every year I really enjoy attending the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, which presents paintings, sculptures, and other artwork from artists around the world. While attending the festival this February, I noticed that the tickets the organizers sold had holograms printed
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