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Engraved Stationery Packages

Isn't it time your firm had the professional look you have always wanted?

Now the leader in engraved stationery offers you these exceptional engraved stationery packages making it easier than ever to get the look... and price you like.

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One-Color (Black) Stationery Package

Package includes:

  • 1,000 Engraved Letterheads
  • 1,000 Peel & Stick Envelopes
  • 500 Engraved Business Cards
  • 500 Plain Second Sheets

Two-Color (Black and one other color) Stationery Package

Professional polish at a more economical price. Learn more

Engraved Stationery – Raising the Bar, with Elegance

If a professional really wants to set his office a cut above the rest, it’s important to remember that first impressions are everything. Small details can make or break this first impression, so impressing a client right away is of great significance. One of the most simple, cost-effective methods to conveying a high level of professional prowess is to employ the use of engraved stationery, in all types of correspondence. An engraved letterhead or business card really shows potential clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure every detail is perfect. This can be the beginning of a whole new working relationship.

There is a certain care and prestige level that is attached to engraved stationery. Because it requires some level of customization, it says to the world that you both take pride in and care about appearances. This can mean all the difference in the world to a client who is searching for someone to represent them and their needs. Engraving your own stationery is a simple yet powerful way to set yourself apart from those businesses that use a boring, flat print type. Every day can be a special occasion when sending out engraved invitations or notices. This makes it a great option for promotional materials.

Other materials that could be engraved include envelopes, business cards, or day to day letterheads. The process in which engraved stationery is created is an old one that hasn’t really changed too much over the years, involving the application of ink to paper that is raised and stays on the paper rather than just leaving an imprint as in normal printing. Another process known as thermography also simulates an engraving effect by applying ink to paper with a heat source, which doesn’t require an engraving die, and is usually a fair bit less expensive as a result.

Once a person or business has decided to use engraved stationery as a part of their normal business supplies, a change will be felt in the office. Having high-quality supplies makes workers want to be more productive, and clients jump on board with the company. This is an easy yet extremely effective way to show the world that you mean business, in the most elegant sense possible. A first impression can be one that lasts a lifetime, so don’t take any chances when courting new clients. Engraving is a timeless way to express just that little extra bit of interest.

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